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Over the years, automation systems have become more involved.
With the ability to apply automation to security systems, CCTV, lighting, telephones, IT, audio visual entertainment, and building control we have undertaken projects for clients on a consultancy basis.

Our wide experience in these areas achieved by being involved directly or indirectly with the various systems concerned have enabled us to apply automation solutions where possible to seamlessly link the control of different systems.

The main objective of the consultancy service is to ensure that the customer achieves if possible the simplest solution of interfacing the various systems to act as one.

We are employed on a consultancy basis to oversee the various systems available to the customer & to liaise directly between the customer, designers, manufactures & tradesmen / contractors.
Above all to ensure the customer gets what they want as a minimum and that the risk of over specifying is not encountered, equally with a trade off against cost.
Feedbacks from clients indicate that the overall cost is reduced on most projects using this service.

In this extremely fast moving industry we do not maintain to be the oracle of all knowledge. But our experience with the many different areas enables us to take an unbiased angle on the recommendations proposed to the client. With the end goal being that the customer has many different systems that work with each other when they can.
Thus enabling the use of applications albeit mobile GSM, IT related or simple switching to integrate as one.

All consultancy work is undertaken in extreme confidentiality with the customer's best intentions, based on what is interpreted to be the end requirement of the client. Needless to say there will be a period where detailed requirements are documented initially with the client.

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