Access Control

Interfaces and controls for automated gates and entry systems including keypads, intercoms and push buttons.

The control is to restrict unauthorised use of a single door, multiple doors, gates or property. Whether it is used on a single system or to complement other automation there are multiple products available. The most common solutions are listed below...

​Radio Transmitter

A wireless battery operated transmitter that signals to a receiver to provide an open command to the associated equipment.

​Digital Keypad

An electronic coded keypad that operates on a single or multiple code entry to provide an open command to the associated equipment. Codes can normally be deleted and added as required.

Audio Intercom

An audio telephone type system that enable two way speech between both parties. Systems can be standalone using dedicated wiring & internal handsets. Or existing telephone / mobile phone GSM networks to call existing telephone numbers or mobile phones as requested. The systems provide an open command to the associated equipment by depressing a programmed key or button on the handset.

Card/Swipe Reader

A swipe or proximity system that requires an authorised card or key fob to be presented or detected at by a swipe reader or proximity reader. The system supports the addition & removal of cards or key fobs for added control of users. The reader or controller provides an open command to the associated equipment. Ideal for control on multiple doors & gates.

Equipment literature & brochures of the above most commonly used are available in the Access Control & Remote CCTV section of our support & download page.

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