CCTV & Remote CCTV

Video security systems to compliment our electric gates and automated access control installations.

We are all familiar with CCTV nowadays. Over the past few years we have been providing CCTV solutions to compliment our automation. A wealth of experience in this area enables us to offer simple single camera CCTV sytems to multiple camera systems covering various locations, either with or without a recording medium.

The camera element of the CCTV can be fitted internally to an intercom system, providing a single image of the entrance or at a preferred location covering the whole entrance. A wide selection of cameras are available to suit external, internal or discrete locations. With the addition of infrared led technology areas of poor lighting can be viewed in the darkest of locations.

Single or multiple camera systems can be interfaced with the TV distribution system at the location to provide video images on the existing TV’s.
With certain CCTV hardware remote viewing of the cameras can be achieved by internet explore or mobile phone application.

Equipment literature & brochures of the above most commonly used are available in the Access Control & Remote CCTV section of our support & download page.