IP & GSM Control

Remote control and monitoring of your security systems, gates and other connected devices.

GSM Control

GSM Control is a mobile telephone GSM network based controller.
This controller acts as a switch, that can be turned on or off. The switched side of the controller is independently wired to equipment of your choice.

The simplest of units can be applied to applications such as automated gates in order to open the gates. The GSM module recognizes the authorised callers pre programmed telephone number & operates the relay to provide an open command to the automation.

More sophisticated GSM Controllers have multiple inputs and multiple outputs. These units can text you when an input is activated (i.e. alarm activation, heating failure, pool temperature low, etc). 
Likewise you can text the controller to activate outputs (i.e. switch the alarm on, open the gate, turn the heating on, etc).
The top end of these type controllers a fully supervised, which means when you text it to switch something on, it will text you back to confirm the operation.

IP Control

IP control is control.
This form of control can be achieved with a mobile phone app, computer application, independent switches, or a combination of all.
Generally the switching of the equipment can be achieved by your existing lighting controllers (ie Rako, Lutron etc) or a standalone logic controller.

With the availability of apps on many controllers nowadays this area is becoming more popular for control of blinds, lights, heating etc simply by using the lighting controller as a switch controlled through the app software. 
To use the control externally you can use the GSM 3G Network  to connect externally through a vpn and connect to you local network. Thus, using your mobile phone app & your broadband to control what you want. 

Needless to say there are some requirements for either systems:

  • GSM Control – GSM signal, Controller(s), Wiring to secondary equipment for control, programming.
  • IP Control – GSM signal, ADSL broadband, static IP address, Controller(s), secondary equipment for control, programming.
  • Safety – You don’t want to be turning on food blender when you’re not there, you get the picture!

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