Gate Automation

Electric swing gates, sliding gates, cantilever gates, barriers and road blockers

There is a solution for most applications.
We can supply you a new entrance gate or automate existing.
After a survey of the site we present you with a detailed quotation and specification clearly indicating our proposals, with the option of any additions you may require.
You may want to take a look at our guide to automation document in our support & download section.

Depending on your requirements we are able to provide you with off the shelf gates by third party manufacturers, often the most economical route. 
Our experience in this area is to leave the gate manufacturing to the companies that are geared up to produce, this is cost effective. 
However, if a personal touch & design is required or simply because off the shelf products do not fit or meet the customers liking we can make bespoke gates for the application.
To see what is available take a look at our Gallery section.

Gate Operators & Motors

The choice of gate operator(s), drive(s) or motor(s) can vary. Where necessary we will give you the options for the type most suitable for your application.
More information on the choice of operators is in our support & download section.
We are not tied to any one manufacturer in this area and can use a vast selection of products available to us.

System Use & Requirements

In addition to the automation of gates, barriers or road blockers we apply extensive knowledge on how you will use the automation.
This can be achieved by a simple remote transmitter, coded keypad, intercom, inductive ground loop vehicle detection, timer or switch.
The operation & security of the system can be designed to suit your individual needs or the needs of multiple users.
Over and above the basic automation use & requirements we have a separate section within this site covering access control & remote cctv systems which can be included to complement your system.

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